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Wild Earth Animal Essences

SAVE 49%! Package: in-person workshop + essences + IKYA Aligned Gemstone peacock chalcopyrite – The Healing Path: in-person weekend workshop with founder Daniel Mapel, Wild Earth Animal Essences

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Healing Path set of 7 essences + IKYA Aligned Gemstone peacock chalcopyrite + in-person weekend workshop!

25-26 March 2023, 10:00 - 17:00 each day, in-person workshop at IKYA Center

The Healing Path:
Finding our True Joy and Authentic Power through Embracing All of Who We Are

With Daniel Mapel, the Developer of Wild Earth Animal Essences, from Virginia, USA

Join us for this growth-filled weekend of connecting with the gifts of wild animals and taking steps on your healing journey in this dynamic, experiential workshop. Through guided meditations, working directly with the Wild Earth Animal Essences (including the Healing Path set), as well as working with samples of the new “Healing Path Cards,” which will be published in Paris this year, Daniel will introduce us to a gentle way of working through unresolved emotional issues from the recent or distant past, and support us in taking steps of growth and transformation on our healing journeys. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to deeply connect with the wisdom of animals of their choice and receive specific guidance for their lives. 

Daniel is known for his warm spirit and open heart, and his workshops are always full of joy, laughter and a spirit of playfulness. Daniel brings the gifts of the animals to life, and this workshop provides a wondrous blend of traditional teaching and deep personal growth experiences. Come prepared for an adventure!

For more information about Daniel and the Wild Earth Animal Essences, visit his website:

7-essence Healing Path set (normal price 239 * 7 = NOK 1673) + IKYA Aligned Gemstone peacock chalcopyrite (NOK 720) + workshop NOK 1490
All for only NOK 1990! save 49%

Schedule: Saturday 25 March and Sunday 26 March 2023
10 - 17:00 each day
Lunch 13-14:00

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